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Deep Scars (feat. The Qemists) [Single]

by 3D Stas

Straight down the barrel of a bold faced lie A stone cold killer with a little surprise They pull the trigger leave nothing behind yeah You might as well dance when there's nowhere to hide Paint a target in between these eyes I neither believe or agree with these lines Itchy trigger fingers leading the blind You might as well dance when there's nowhere to hide. Ricochets in the underpass Shots fired from the struggle of another class And what's raised in the aftermath Is coming out with bullet holes and deep scars.


3D Stas unites with The Qemists in a climactic breakbeat, future-rock collaboration featuring aggressive vocals immersed in modern socio-political lyrics. The second official single from FiXT label newcomer, 3D Stas, "Deep Scars" digs into the anger of a vulnerable and forgotten class caught in the dangerous landscape of growing social tensions.


released March 22, 2019

Written by: 3D Stas, Oliver Simmons, Liam Black, Bruno Delglyn, Leon Harris, and Daniel Arnold
Published by FiXT Music and Just Isn't Music
Produced by 3D Stas


all rights reserved


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